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Saturday, September 23, 2017
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Gateway Central District Cluster Charge Conferences

Charge Conferences will take place during the month of October.  For your convenience, seven churches have been selected within the Gateway Central District to serve as host locations. To sign up for the location of your choice, Click Here.  There, you will also find the Charge Conference forms are available for download.  All Charge Conference paperwork is due in the District Office by Friday, September 22, 2017. 
Please respect the deadline as Angela needs time to review, and work with you on any questions, or adjustments prior to your cluster Charge Conference.  All Charge Conference paperwork should be completed, reviewed and voted on by the Administrative Council/Leadership team prior to submitting them.
Things You Need To Know
2018 Pastoral Support Form (PSF)
There are 3 Pastoral Support Forms available this year; one for Full Time Clergy, one for Part Time Clergy and one for all Laity Serving as Pastors.
Full Time PSF - Notable Changes
The Furnishings Allowance will now be called Income Tax Free Housing Expense
There are no other deductions on this form. Everything else (health insurance, pension contributions, etc.) will be addressed on the PSF Addendum that will be completed in mid-November to coincide with your health insurance election. Please leave any monies that you are planning to set aside for these other deductions on Line 1 (Cash Salary Paid to Pastor) for now. 
****NOTE**** Nate Berneking, Director of Finance & Administration, and his staff will once again travel the state to provide updates on clergy compensation and Conference group health insurance. Specifically, he will discuss the small change being made to the defined contribution (the amount full-time clergy receive to cover their individual premiums). He will walk through details relating to how individuals might make decisions when it comes to selecting plans, and he and staff will provide much-requested training on the Pastoral Support Form and a new Addendum full-time clergy must complete in October and November.  Full-time clergy, spouses and any church business administrators or treasurers should attend to learn more about compensation, health insurance and payroll.
The Roadshow will come to the Gateway Central District on October 12 at  Manchester UMC {129 Woods Mill Rd., Manchester, MO 63011} from 10am-12pm.
Other Roadshow dates/locations available are:
  • 1st Kirksville                   10/4       9am-11am           Mark Twain
  • Wesley (St. Joseph)         10/4       3pm-5pm            Northwest
  • Harrisonville                    10/5       10am-12pm        Heartland
  • 1st Monett                       10/5       3pm-5pm           Southwest
  • 1st Lebanon                     10/6       10am-12pm       Ozarks
  • La Croix (Cape)                10/12     3pm-5pm           Southeast
  • 1st Jefferson City              10/13     1pm-3pm           Mid-State
A few other things to note:
The Local Church Officials Simplified Structure form (one board model) is available only to churches currently on this alternative structure (one board model).  Churches who desire to go to the new structure require DS approval and leadership board training which is being offered at the District Conference on September 24 at Webster Hills Christian Life Center. Email Angela to advise of your intent to attend the necessary workshop if your church is interested in adopting this alternative structure. 
There is no Continuing Education form required for the pastors at charge conferences this year. This was addressed with their Evaluation form.  There is also no Retired Clergy form. This form will be mailed directly from the district office to the Retired Clergy. They will complete the form and send a copy back to me AND to the church where they hold their charge conference. 
If you have any questions/concerns, please email Angela Dennis at