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Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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Lay Servant Ministries



In past years, the primary task of lay servants was pulpit supply, however now Lay Servant Ministries encompasses much more. To participate in Lay Servant Ministries, a person need not commit to preaching. Lay servant training areas include evangelism, stewardship, devotional life, missions, caring ministries, Christian education, Christian leadership, administration, United Methodist heritage, as well as preaching and worship planning.

Role of Lay Speaker in the Missouri Conference (See ¶ 266.6 Book of Discipline, 2012). The 2012 BOD has provisions for a new role for those additional equipped and examined, i.e. Role of Lay Speaker, who are especially ready to serve in the function of pulpit supply. The Missouri Conference will be establishing the process for recognizing those persons during the coming year. In the meantime, all lay servants so desiring may be called by pastors to fulfill pulpit supply responsibilities. If you desire to provide pulpit supply, make it known to your pastor and to your district director and so indicate your willingness on your Annual Report form.



Online Courses

Online Courses are always offered at BeADisciple.

Click Here for a copy of the GBOD 2015 Lay Servant Ministries Catalog.


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